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Welcome to the DARPA Robotics Challenge website
Our national security is vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters and there are often limitations to what humans can accomplish to help remedy these situations or mitigate further damage. Today’s robotics are helping, but they are not yet robust enough to function in all environments and perform the basic tasks needed to mitigate a crisis situation.

The goal of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) is to generate groundbreaking research and development so that future robotics can perform the most hazardous activities in future disaster response operations, in tandem with their human counterparts, in order to reduce casualties, avoid further destruction, and save lives.

Within the coming months, the Challenge will test the participating Teams’ robots ability to work in rough terrain and their capacity to use human aids such as vehicles and hand tools in three events.

Learn more about the program and the trials these robots face on the following pages.

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