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OpenNI + ROS + Carmine 1.08 | i-Vizon —

OpenNI + ROS + Carmine 1.08 | i-Vizon.   What is OpenNI? is PCL? link to setup the ROS in your Ubuntu us use our 3D sensor (mine is  Carmine 1.08) and see what ROS has in its store for us!I assume you have the ROS setup in your machineI assume you have OpenNI 1.5 […]

ROS/Tutorials/ExaminingServiceClient – ROS Wiki —

Examining the Simple Service and Client Description: This tutorial examines running the simple service and client. Tutorial Level: BEGINNER Next Tutorial: Recording and playing back data Contents Running the Service Running the Client Further examples on Service and Client nodes Running the Service Let’s start by running the service: $ rosrun beginner_tutorials add_two_ints_server (C++) $ […]